Food Research Log

Letona, Paola, et al. “A Qualitative Study Of Children’s Snack Food Packaging Perceptions And Preferences.” BMC Public Health 14.1 (2014): 630-643. Academic Search Complete. Web. 17 Oct. 2016. Vancouver/ICMJE   Food marketing, specifically for high-energy, low-nutrient food, is an actual risk factor for childhood obesity and non-communicable diseases. Much research has been done on television […]

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Food Blog Proposal

            Through my food blog, I’d like to discuss the different late night snacks communities have and how they differ across cultures. I hope to answer a variety of questions, such as what types of foods are considered late night snacks and what demographic is most susceptible to late night […]

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My Top 10 Late Night Snacks

11 pm hits and you start to hear a grumble in your stomach. We’ve all been there; after a late night of Netflix-ing it’s only natural to work up an appetite. I mean, hey, binge watching Grey’s Anatomy is some hard work! However, after grieving the death of your favorite character, you might face a […]

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Global Snacking

Hey there, Midnight Munchers. Today, I figured I would drop a little knowledge on the causation behind increasing snack consumption in America and globally. Snacking differs across the world and what people choose to eat depends on a cluster of economic, cultural, and societal factors. Snacking, and snack foods, have statistically increased over the year. […]

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Obesity and Late Night Snacking

Studies have shown that eating within the hour of sleeping can often cause weight gain. Many times, this habit of eating right before bed can cause the excess carbohydrates to be stored rather than be burned off thus leading to the weight gain. However, through healthier food choices and portion control this weight gain can […]

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